Team-Building Valverde Staff

Posted 08/17/2020

Team-Building for Valverde Staff

Amazing experience bringing our staff back to play a game facilitated by, thank you to Anna and Marly for such a fun afternoon!

The Power of Connecting as a Staff as we Launch the 20-21 School Year…relationships remain a priority for us as a school community as we come back together in a time necessitating social distancing!

Team Valverde has always prioritized team-building but in a time of COVID-19 that was going to have to look very different.  It was important that we find an event that could welcome our staff back during these unknown times and that could bring a smile to their faces.  This is exactly what we were able to accomplish in our partnership with  They provided us a fun and mentally stimulating event in which we worked in teams to solve a Murder in Ancient Egypt. We were able to solve puzzles and accomplish tasks all while strengthening our relationships and reconnecting with each other.  Anna and Marly facilitated our event and it was wonderful for all team members to get to enjoy this time together.

After looking at a lot of different virtual team builders it was clear that was a step ahead of others.  They are incredibly responsive and responded to my inquiry immediately.  They worked with me to help provide an experience for my team that we all needed.  As we go back to a year of what is surely going to be navigating a new world with things changing regularly I needed them to just be able to sit back and have fun together.  This is exactly what we were all able to do and it wouldn’t have been possible without

Thank you so much to everyone on their team who brought this joy to Team Valverde!  We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and give you a big Valverde Jaguars. ROARRRR!

-Elly Campbell, Principal, Valverde Elementary School