Parent Teacher Leadership Team

What is the PTLT?

The PTLT is comprised of Teachers, parent leaders, administration and parent liaison. The purpose is to increase meaningful parent engagement and establish a culture of shared responsibility for increasing student achievement by implementing the following:

  • Understand how students are performing and collaboratively identify ways to increase achievement.
  • Establish a sustainable parent engagement structure to increase student achievement.
  • Utilize FACE’s Parent Engagement Self-Assessment to assess current efforts to determine areas where students could benefit from targeted parent support.
  • Develop a parent engagement plan anchored on the Family and Community Engagement Standards.
  • Ensure school’s Parent Engagement Plan is aligned to academic goals on the Unified Improvement Plan.
  • Implement Academic Standards Nights to provide families with strategies to support their children’s learning during the school year and keep them engaged, active and learning over the summer months.

All PTLT meetings are open to all parents. If you would like to be a parent leader please speak to your student’s teacher. Currently meetings are held once a month on a Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in RM 103. We’d love to see you there!