Transitions to Transitional Native Language Instruction (TNLI)

What is TNLI?
The TNLI program supports students’ native language development as they learn English so that students become bilingual and biliterate. Students enrolled in the TNLI program will receive instruction in Spanish and English in kindergarten through fifth grade. Over time, instruction will move from being primarily in Spanish to being primarily in English. Every grade level incorporates the strategic use of two languages, with the ultimate goal being proficiency in both languages. We know that building conceptual knowledge in students’ native language helps them be more successful in English and their native language.

The benefits of the TNLI Program:
Students who have been in a TNLI program until they are ready to transition into mainstream classes score higher on standardized assessments, have higher graduation rates and have lower dropout rates than students who do not. When your child enters mainstream classes, he or she will be fluent in two languages, a significant advantage for colleges and careers in the 21st century.

TNLI Options at Valverde

English Language Acquisition (ELA) – Spanish: Student learns English while receiving English and Spanish instruction to become biliterate and bilingual with teachers trained to provide extra support

  • As student moves from grade to grade, more instruction will be in English and less in Spanish
  • Teacher and classes are bilingual
  • English materials adapted to language levels
  • 45 minutes of English Language Development (ELD) daily
  • Spanish and English language are used strategically in every subject at every level from Kindergarten to 5th grades to support student success
  • Teachers are trained to support Spanish and English instruction for English learners

English Language Acquisition (ELA) – English: Student learns English in English-only classes with teachers trained to provide extra support

  • All classes are taught in English
  • Students receive 45 minutes of English Language Development (ELD) daily
  • Teachers use a wide range of strategies to support student success and adapt lessons to help students understand material
  • Teachers are trained to provide English instruction for English learners