Thank You!

Posted 01/10/2017


We would like to Thank all of the volunteers and community members that donated items and their time to our students and families this Holiday Season. Their genorosity and kindness brought smiles and happiness to many people. Our students and parents also gave back to our community by hosting a Community clean up and Canned Food Drive.


Operation School Bell

Valiant Products Corporation

Ashford Univeristy

Univeristy of the Rockies

BridgePoint Education

The Venegas Family

Sam Sandos Food Drive

Toys For Tots

OhCo (Ohio to Colorado)  Alumni  Organization

James Salinas ( Denver Parks and Rec)

Alexis Caldera

Susanna Chavez and The Lakewood Police Department

Slavens Elemenatary School’s Mom Group

Dan Hamann (National Health Care Realty)

Valverde Staff

The Villa-DeZayas Family

All Valverde Students and Parents who participated in our Fall Clean up and Canned Food Drive