Thank You!

Posted 01/09/2018

Happy New Year!

From all of us at Valverde Elementary We would like to Wish our Jaguar Families and the community a Happy New Year!

We would like to take a moment to share with our Jaguar Families the people and business that help us provide resources to our students and parents. The impact every single person who walks in our door and decides to support our students is beyond measurable. We are indebted to our community partners and we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and demonstrating the same value we try to instill in our students; Kindness!

Tech for All

Thank you Rose and her wonderful team of volunteers for collaborating with Valverde for the past three years in making sure our students receive a FREE used computer. You and your staff have touched many lives and we truly appreciate the hard work and generosity that you and your staff demonstrate! We cannot express how much we APPRECIATE you!!

Ashford University         University of the Rockies         BridgePoint Education

Thank you all for your continued support over the years and continuing to bring opportunities to our students! It is through the great people at these institutions that our students have been able to have book club reading buddies, online tutor-mate as well as donated Thanksgiving food bags and Christmas Family adoptions. Not only do these wonderful people support in this magnitude, but they also donate funds for student uniforms for students who cannot afford the uniform as well as donations for classroom supplies. Additionally, we receive student  school supplies at the beginning of the year to ensure our students are ready to learn on the first day of class. THANK YOU Ashford Univeristy, Univeristy of The Rockies and Bridgepoint Education for making our students and families feel loved!

Valiant Products Corporation

Thank you Valiant employees and families! Valiant is a community-based organization that is right here in our neighborhood. We feel very honored and thankful to have the opportunity to be able to pair up their employees with some of our families for the Holidays. For the past two years, Valiant and their employees have adopted some of our neediest families and helped them make Christmas a wonderful day. Their generosity goes beyond the one day, in fact, one of their employees has formed a lasting relationship with one of our families that we will all cherish and remind us of the significance of making connections in our community and the impact it makes in our students lives! Thank you so much for your continued LOVE and support!

Flyers for Kids- Dan Debacco

Thank you Dan and your organization Flyers for Kids for choosing Valverde as your school to partner with two years ago! Flyers for kids have not only provided donations to our students in terms of clothes, shoes, food pantry, medical supplies and school supplies, but they have also taken our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders to the Denver Zoo Lights and provided meals, toys and activities. This event is one of the most amazing events of the year for our students and many of them have never experienced the Zoo at night during the holiday. As many can imagine, this is an experience that lasts a lifetime!   Dan and his board members fundraise all year long to be able to take our students on this trip and we could not be more thankful for the hard work and energy that is put into this event and for that WE THANK YOU!

Anthony at Insight Auto Glass

Thank you Anthony for your kindness and generosity for our students! Your toy donations have helped us immensely for our students during Christmas, as we were able to ensure that every student in our school would receive a gift! We appreciate you!

Dan Hamann at National Health Care Realty

Thank you Dan and all of your employees for coming together for the past years in making Thanksgiving a special time for our families at Valverde. Your generosity is very much appreciated and our families are very grateful for people such as yourselves! THANK YOU!

James Salinas at Denver Parks and Rec

Thank you James for always thinking of our Valverde Families and reaching out for ways to help. From delivering Thanksgiving Meals to greeting our families at Rude Rec center! We Thank you!

Sam Sandos Food Drive

For many years around Christmas time, we rely heavily on the assistance of the Sam Sandos Christmas Food Baskets. It is Sam and his wife who makes this possible for us every year for our families. A HUGE thank you to you and your volunteers for always helping make a Christmas dinner possible for our families!

Toys For Tots

Thank you to the volunteers and donors at Toys for Tots for allowing Valverde to be recipients of toy donations for three years in a row. Through this donation, we are able to ensure our students receive at least one Christmas gift.


Thank you to the staff at Ibotta for choosing Valverde to donate school supplies at the beginning of the year as well as classroom supplies! We are very thankful and appreciative of your help!


Thank You Walmart in Wheat Ridge for allowing us to “shop” for student school supplies this year! We had a blast and our Teachers were very grateful they had an opportunity to shop for their room supplies.


Thank you Grainger for being a very Kind Neighbor! Through your generous donation this year we were able to provide a brand new pack back to every student this year! We cannot tell you how much this means to many of our families, the smiles on our students faces was amazing!

St. Thomas More

Thank you Bill at St. Thomas More for ALWAYS including our Kindergarten students in your annual Christmas event. Our students and teachers always have a great time and we are thankful that you continue to invite us to your event!

King Soopers Warehouse

Thank you King Soopers staff for your continued support! We are very thankful to you for choosing our ECE students to receive gifts from your giving tree this year! Every year we look forward to working with your staff and we appreciate your generosity!

Food For Thought

Thank you to Bob and his team of volunteers for choosing Valverde as a site school for donated food bags! We know that there are students and families in the community that often do not have food for the weekend and we appreciate that you have chosen to donate to our school! We are truly thankful!