Valverde Elementary’s dress code follows the Denver Public Schools¬†dress code implemented across the district. In 2009, our families voted to have school uniforms.¬†The school uniform policy was designed to provide students with a safe and orderly learning environment. It also instills the students with a sense of pride and unity.

The uniform is a selection of the Valverde colors (green, blue, purple) color polo shirt with our logo that can be purchased in the office for $10. Valverde t-shirts with the logo will be sold in the office. Prices include:

  • 1 T-shirt for $7 or 5 for $30
  • 1 Polo for $10 or 5 for $45

Students may also wear solid colored polo shirts or T-Shirts that they purchased elsewhere that are school colors.

Sweatshirts in school colors are also acceptable. Uniform shirts are mandatory and part of the expectation for students.