Personal Success Factors

At Valverde, Personal Success Factors are designed to help bridge gaps between the school community by nurturing the development of each student through discovery, understanding and recognition. These key focus areas are:


  • Eager to explore new things
  • Asks questions to learn more
  • Takes an active interest in learning


  • Recognizes other people’s efforts
  • Shows appreciation for opportunities
  • Says thank you or does nice things for people


  • Finishes projects even when feeling like quitting
  • Sticks with a project or activity
  • Stays committed to goals, even after experience failure


  • Believes that effort would improve the situation
  • Stays motivated, even when things didn’t go well
  • Believes in possibility of improvement


School Work

  • Comes to class prepared
  • Remembers and follows directions
  • Gets to work right away instead of waiting until the last minute
  • Pays attention and resists distractions


  • Remains calm even when criticized or otherwise provoked
  • Allows others to speak without interrupting
  • Is polite to adults and peers

Social Intelligence

  • Able to find solutions during conflicts with others
  • Cares for others’ feelings
  • Adapts to different social situations


  • Actively participates
  • Shows enthusiasm
  • Approaches new situations with excitement and energy